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Nursery "Wawa Sonqo""Every day I see the children, their smile, their joy and I admire them. I am happy to watch them and support them in their development."Judith Guerreros Rodrígueza nurse at the Wawa Wasi nursery
We established the Wawa Sonqo nursery in April 2011 in the Chicón Valley, a little way below the Munaychay children’s village. "Wawa Sonqo" means "baby heart" in Quechua. At Wawa Sonqo three registerd nurses, a cook and two German volunteers provide all-day care for children aged seven months to three years. Thus, the 24 children of the three care groups are given opportunities to play with other children and to make first childhood friends. Additionally, their parents are able to work without subjecting the children to undue hardship, which helps them remain self-sufficient.

At Wawa Sonqo, we set great value upon the children’s hygiene and nutrition. Many of the children enter our care dishevelled and malnourished. We ensure that they are clean and tidy, and that they receive nutritious meals, prepared four times daily by our cook. Therefore, the children wash their hands and faces before and after every meal, and they brush their teeth afterwards. In this way, we help them develop habits of nutrition and hygiene that will serve them for a lifetime.

Wawa Sonqo from the outside.

The German volunteer Nico plays with the children.

The children during their daily nap.

Playing outside is also part of the daily program.

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