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Children's Village Munaychay"If I were a superhero, I would save the world!"Milagros, age 10
Our children's village, Munaychay, is the core of our operation in the Peruvian Andes. Nestled in the 3000-meter-high Chicón Valley at the foot of Mt. Chicón, 60 kilometers from Cusco, Munaychay is home to 70 children who were orphaned, abandoned or given up by parents unable to care for them. Here they can grow and develop in a safe and secure environment, in harmony with their indigenous culture.

The village is also home to seven live-in dormitory matrons who look after the children. A village director, two psychologists, one social assistant, one pedagogue, three trained cooks and sixteen volunteers round out the village staff.

Munaychay is primarily funded by sponsorships, which help provide our children with a home, a caring upbringing, healthful and balanced nutrition, medical care, quality education, and love-the foundations for a brighter future.
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The Munaychay grounds encompass 40,000 square meters that include seven houses for the village residents, an intern dormitory, a building for tourist groups, an administration building with library and psychological services, as well as a rotunda for assemblies and celebrations.

Each of Munaychay's houses consists of a community and dining room, brightly lit bedrooms accommodating two to four children each, a room for the dormitory matron, a kitchen and a playroom.

Each house mother heads a family of ten children, who live, eat, study and play together.

Munaychay is also home to some animal residents - dogs, cats, chickens and guinea pigs. Helping to care for them teaches the children valuable lessons in responsibility.

Children play happily on the jungle gym. Munaychay also features a library, athletic field and gymnasium with various sports programs.

Our on-site workshops give our children a creative outlet on weekends, featuring facilities for painting, pottery, weaving, carpentering,as well as music and dance. Instruction is provided by professional art teachers.

Luis, our driver, drives children to school and back each day on the village school bus. Our motor pool includes two buses, a minibus and two pickup trucks - vehicles critical to our operations.

Water for showers in Munaychay is warmed with solar panels.

Our agricultural center, Santa Rosa, helps to make our children's village more independent of fluctuating market prices even as it provides our children with balanced and healthful nutrition. We grow organic fruits and vegetables here and maintain an apiary and chicken coop. Surpluses are sold at market, and profits are returned to support our social projects.

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