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Munaychay 2 Dormitory"We accompany our Munaychay children on their path to an independent life"Griselda Elizabeth Valdivia Cordovasocial assistant with Corazones para Per├╣
Munaychay 2 is the dormitory designed to house our 18-year-old children's village alumni during their continuing education or apprenticeships. Located below the children's village, it features 10 beautiful light-filled rooms, a communal kitchen, two bathrooms and a recreation room.

As our children in Munaychay are all still under 18 years of age, the dormitory currently accommodates young mothers who have been disowned by their families. Munaychay 2 provides them a safe environment in which to receive expert training on child rearing and building financial independence for themselves.
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External view of Munaychay 2

Inside Munaychay 2

Munaychay boys with Luis, our driver. Positive role models are especially important for adolescents.

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