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School network"We now have more teachers and smaller classes. We learn much better this way."Students in Huilloc
Education is a basic cornerstone of sustainable development. That's why we place special importance on the improvement of educational conditions and opportunities in the Peruvian Andes. While Peru has made significant progress in education in recent years, including compulsory schooling, many rural regions continue to suffer from very large class sizes and a lack of basic supplies such as boards, books and even classroom space. Schoolchildren often have to walk hours to reach school, only to spend the day learning on empty stomachs-a situation our school meal programs aim to remedy.

Over the last 15 years, Corazones has invested US$2 Million in education. The funds have come from donations and collaboration with organizations such as Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). We have built, renovated and otherwise supported schools in the vicinity of Urubamba, for example the "Ikarus Escuela de Esperanza", the "school of hope". Four additional schools have joined our network, whose members we supply with additional teachers, school supplies, nutrition programs or new facilities. In this way our projects have already reached over 1000 children.

Our successes, visible and invisible, attest to our efforts: many young primary-school graduates in the Chicón Valley have made the leap to secondary school, which will open doors to university studies for them - a privilege denied to many of their parents.

Ikarus Escuela de Esperanza, our "school of hope", lies in the Chicón Valley beneath the Munaychay children's village. Today, some 200 children from Munaychay as well as the adjoining farming communities attend this nationally recognized model school.

To be able to speak English becomes more important by each day in our globalized world. This is why our German volunteers give English classes in order for the children to have the chance to achieve the best they can in the future.

Our support helps provide a warm meal to over 1,000 schoolchildren every day.

Sports Day at the school in Pachar.

Students at the school in Huilloc.

Parents reunion at the colegio in Huilloc

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