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Health Centers"Patients come to us with serious illnesses and often have to walk for hours for treatment. We would love to be able to help many more people.Dr. Julio Cesario Condori Troncoso
Health and hygiene are critical cornerstones of sustainable development. In rural regions of the Peruvian Andes, access to medical care is very limited, and hygienic conditions are often extremely unsanitary. Corazones para Perú in cooperation with Zahnärzte helfen e.V. is determined to improve this situation.

In our health centers we employ a dentist, dentist interns, a general practitioner and a nurse who look after our patients. In addition to our regular medical treatment we also offer workshops and educational events about important topics such as nutrition, hygiene and birth control. Moreover, there are health campaigns, carried out by our dentist interns and volunteers, in the remote communities Huilloc and Chicon as well as local school. With these campaigns we try to emphasize the importance of thorough dental care.

Many of our patients were injured while working in the fields. They come to us with broken bones, back problems and lacerations. We routinely treat psychiatric disorders as well as complications of alcoholism. And as domestic violence remains a widespread problem in Peru, we attend to many women who for example have been abused by their husbands.

Our modern ultrasound equipment is the first of its kind to be available for gynecological examinations anywhere in Urubamba.

Our dentists face significant challenges as well. Some of our patients have lived with the pain of severe cavities for years because they have been unable to afford dental care. With our X-ray equipment, we can perform tooth-saving root canals in lieu of extractions.

As health insurance is scarcely available or unaffordable to the rural population of Peru, none of our patients are insured. In extreme cases, we therefore also accept the minimum payment of one Sol (c. 0.35 Dollars) or a single apple.
Some of our patients travel long distances to reach us, either due to a lack of health care in their own areas or because they cannot afford treatment otherwise or because they know that our doctors take time to truly help them.

Our dentist at work

Each of our health stations features a laboratory for stool, blood and urine analyses.

The staff at our Huilloc station.

Waiting patients.

Our health station in Huilloc

The treatment in Huilloc.

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