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Learning with heart"Once I am older, I would like to be a doctor in order to be able to help the people in my village."
A solid education schooling is the basis for a self-determined life without poverty and violence. In Peru, the completion of secondary school is a necessary qualification to obtain apprenticeships or a placement at university. However, a lot of families do not have the financial resources to send their children to the so-called "Secundaria" (secondary school). Apart from that, the children quite often increase the income and thus contribute to their family’s survival by means of their work capacity.

With our project "Learning with heart", we offer help towards 65 families in need, so that they can afford to send their children to secondary school. We provide school material y compensate the loss of human labour by a monthly support. "Learning with Hearts" does, however, not only include financial support, but also educational work with the teenagers as well as the parents, since very often there is not only a lack of financial resources but also a severe lack of comprehension of how important a complete schooling is. Especially for young women, the situation is very difficult, since their role is still commonly restricted to raising children. This role allocation often results in women´s dependence from their partner, and frequently, domestic violence is a common problem. In case the relationship fails, the woman, who is very often left with the full responsibility for the children, finds herself in a precarious position.

At the same time, we offer our participants lessons in their subjects Communication, Mathematics and English three times a week. In this way, they can expand their knowledge well over their school education.

By now, not only do we make it possible for our participants to attend a secondary school; 28 of them study at universities in Urubamba and Cusco thanks to the support of their sponsors.

The schooling supported by us enables the participants to build a life according to their own wishes. On a fairly long-term basis, schooling, therefore, is the basic cornerstone of sustainable development in Urubamba and the Sacred Valley and less dependence on outside help.

The family of this participant of our project lost their house because of a mudslide.

From a good schooling, various generations can profit.

For the parents of this student, it is of great importance that their daughter receives a solid schooling.

By means of diligence, this girl would love to improve her grades.

Participants and their families together with the old and new voluntaries at the official transfer

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