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Learning with Heart
Visiting a secondary school in the Peruvian highlands is not a matter of course. Many families cannot afford the school education for their children and are reliant on them working. With a pupil sponsorship in the framework of our project "Learning with Heart" you will be giving a young person the possibility of attending the "Secundaria" and obtaining a school-leaving qualification after five years for 35 Euros a month*. This will give these children the chance of a better life than that of their parents, without poverty and violence. We offer the families support so that they are able to pay for the school material, uniform, food and partly their rent. These families have gone through rough times and are very grateful for our support, whilst at the same time being reliant on our help. We perform a lot of educational work in the families, offer private tuition and our team regularly visits the pupils at school as well as at home.

Simply fill out this sponsorship form and return it to us. Should you have any questions, Sandra Seltmann is gladly at your disposal. The contributions are tax-deductible. You will automatically receive a donation receipt after the end of the year.

* The agreement for a sponsorship may be cancelled at any time, upon request.

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