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Sponsor a child"It is wonderful to be able to participate in the development of our sponsord child. In this way, we see our efforts bear fruit."Eva KralSponsor of four children in Munaychay
Sponsor a child in need by offering them a life in the Munaychay children's village. For 35 Dollars per month, or a multiple thereof, you will help provide him or her with a safe and loving home, food, clothing, education and health care: the foundations for an independent life. A full sponsorship at a level of 210 Dollars per month would cover all expenses for a child in Munaychay.

As a sponsor, you can participate directly in your foster child's life, whether through personal correspondence or even a visit. We will keep you informed with photos and updates on your child's progress and our efforts in general twice a year. Sponsor visits are organized through the travel agency Ikarus Tours, and you are welcome at our meetings for sponsors and friends of Corazones, held annually as a "Peruvian evening" in Königstein/Taunus, Germany.

Without sponsors, our project in Peru would not be possible.

Simply fill out and return this sponsorship form. If you have any questions, Angelika Kilb will be happy to address them. Your donations are tax-deductible; at the end of each year you will receive a donation receipt. You are free to end your sponsorship agreement at any time.

Klicken Sie hier, um unser Spendenformular zu öffnen.

Klicken Sie hier, um unser Formular für die Schulspeisung zu öffnen.

Yes, I would like to sponsor a child.

Our children often come to us from very difficult circumstances. At Munaychay they find stability, psychological support, and much love.

It is always a special moment when sponsors meet their children.

A Munaychay family eating together.

Munaychay is a place for laughter...

.. and, of course, somersaults

Children drawing pictures for their sponsors.

Many children in Peru live on the street. Sponsorships give them a home...

… and a good education. In Munaychay, they can start a life with a future.

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