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In the heart of Königstein you can now find unique items from Peru: sweaters, knitted hats, gloves, friendship bands und jewelry. The new Alpaca Shop of "Corazones para Peru / Herzen für eine neue Welt" brings South American fashion and culture to Germany.

The shop's assortment of alpaca wool, and some baby alpaca wool as well includes ponchos for adults for 95 Euro, scarves for 15 Euro and children's jackets for 25 Euro.
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All knitted items are created in the typical Peruvian way with typical Peruvian colors and with the luxurious wool of the alpaca, so they're not only warm but bring brightness into drab German winter days.

But, what is the alpaca and what makes it so special? Alpacas are the small relatives of lamas, which live in the highlands of Peru and must survive in a harsh environment. In order to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, intense sun rays and ice cold winds, they have evolved a very fine, light fur that is almost waterproof, warms when it's cold and lets the heat out when the temperatures rise.

The alpacas bred for their fur are shorn once a year-as are our domestic sheep-in a painless procedure. The raw wool is then turned into a superior yarn making it, along with cashmere and silk, nature's finest threads

Alpaca wool possesses a number of unique qualities: The hollowness of the fiber allows body warmth to be retained more than with any other type of wool. Alpaca yarns are elastic and resilient, dirt and smell resistant and do not pill as much as cashmere or other natural fibers. Alpaca yarns do not burn, and contain no Lanolin so are therefore ideal for persons suffering from certain allergies. And, because of their sheen, soft hand and fineness these yarns are loved the world over.

Shopping for sustainable support of Peru's children

Whoever makes purchases in the Alpaca Shop of "Corazones para Peru" is at the same time helping people, and especially the children of Peru, because all profits from sales at the shop go directly into social projects by "Corazones para Peru".

Come into the bright, warm rooms of the Alpaca Shop and be met by one of its volunteers, one of whom, Hildegard Wagner, has been involved with "Corazones para Peru" for over seven years . She can not only help you with your shopping but can also bring the culture of Peru a little closer.

The Alpaca Shop, Hauptstraße 21a, 61462 Königstein, is open Monday to Friday from 10am till 6pm and Saturday from 10am till 2pm.

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