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Professional volunteering
Would you like to get to know South America and, at the same time, do some good in the world? Would you like to work on an intercultural team, expand your horizons and bring about sustainable change?

Welcome! Our work depends on the participation of people who apply their experience and abilities where they are most needed to make a real difference. Whether you are an engineer, farmer, physician, teacher, economist, carpenter, metalworker, mechanic, plumber, electrician, agronomist, psychologist, educator or marketing expert: you can help! Our volunteers bring with them flexibility, an open mind, intercultural communication skills, and, when possible, Spanish language skills. Assignments typically last a minimum of six months. We provide food and lodging free of charge; you cover only your own travel costs.

Doctors are also welcome for shorter periods; our staff and volunteers are available to help overcome language barriers. The assignments of German dentists are realised in cooperation with the German organization “Zahnärzte helfen e.V.” (“dentists help). Since 2009 it supports various health projects and four schools in and around Urubamba.

If you would like to join one of our projects in Peru, please send a compelling cover letter specifying your desired field of operation, as well as a resume with photo and current references, to:

Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Dentist Dr. Norbert Reiss has volunteered his services to Herzen für eine Neue Welt for many years. With his organization "from the mouth into the donation box" he collects - together with 60 other German dentists - gold from gold teeth and with the agreement of their patients, donates them for social projects.

Marketing expert Christine Schaible supported us in the conception, planning and implementation of our new website as well as in our micro finance project Banco Portí. She also improved the curriculum design in our schools, together with our volunteers.

Photographer Johannes Reichau incorporated several months' work with Corazones into his trip to South America. His photos adorn our home page and brochures. Johannes provided assistance everywhere he could find that it was needed.

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