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"Herzen für eine neue Welt" (Hearts for a New World) was founded as a non-profit organization in December 1998 in Königstein, Germany. Our goal, then as now, is to improve the living conditions of the rural population, especially children, in the Peruvian Andes' Chicón Valley, near Cusco.

Corazones para Perú is our parallel sister organization in Peru. Under our cooperative agreement, Herzen für eine Neue Welt has assumed responsibility for facilitating and financing the projects implemented by Corazones para Perú.Our organizational plan breaks down our structure. At the Articles of Association you can look here.

In the past 13 years, our German-Peruvian teams have thrown themselves, heart and soul, into establishing various social services in the context of helping the people help themselves - a children's village, several schools and kindergartens and two health centers.

We involve the local population in improving education, healthcare, the environment, infrastructure, gender equality and local business development.

Find out more about our project and our work here. An overview of the milestones our projects have achieved over time is available here.

Our funds come primarily from donations not just at the organizational and institutional level, but especially from individuals as well. We work with partners such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and other, private organizations.Learn more about our partners.

Check out the Donation Revenues since 1998.

We have already come a long way:

-In Munaychay, our children's village, 80 orphaned and abandoned children have found a home.
-Our dormitory for apprentices accommodates former Munaychay residents during their continuing education and training after they become 18 years old.
-Over 1,000 students attend one of the thirteen schools we have established or are supporting.
-200 children attend our "School of Hope."
-Our school meal program feeds over 1,100 schoolchildren daily.
-Our kindergarten is preparing 50 children for school.
-Over 400 patients per month receive care in our health centers.
-Support for persons with disabilities.
-We have established a fund dedicated to rapid response to natural disasters.
-The children's village is supplied by an organic agricultural center.
-treets, bridges, etc. are helping to improve the infrastructure in the Chicón Valley.
-We have planted 20,000 trees to combat erosion in the Chicón Valley.
-More than 170 volunteers have spent their gap year in service with us.
-"Professional volunteers" lend us their work experience and expertise in Peru.
-We have founded the Peruvian NGO Corazones para Perú.
-"Corazones para Peru" is recognized by the Peruvian government.
-75 staff members work in Peru under joint German-Peruvian leadership
-Absolute finanzielle Transparenz.
-We maintain absolute financial transparency. We keep low overhead and clear expenditure records.
-400 satisfied sponsors constitute our financial base, contributing some 450,000 Dollars annually.

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